ZANETA KULCZYNSKA-MIESZKALSKA, attorney at law, member of Wroclaw Bar Association, a Law graduate of the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics of the University of Wroclaw.

During her studies Miss Kulczynska gained experience in both legal advice centres and law offices. She has successfully completed her apprenticeship in the law department of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration in Warsaw. As a volunteer she used to provide her legal services at Women's Rights Centre in Wroclaw.

Miss Kulczynska mostly specializes in family law cases (divorce, child maintenance, division of joint property). Apart from legal support for individual clients, she also provides legal services for business entities. She has taken part in numerous lawsuits involving disputes between consumers and businesses, successfully demonstrating the unjustified surrender fees charged by the insurers. Miss Kulczynska also acts as a guardian ad litem.

She loves theatre and cinema.