About me

I am an attorney at law.

I run my own law office where I work with attorney at law Wojciech Krzysztoporski, former Dean of the Regional Bar Association in Wroclaw, and Wojciech Krzysztoporski junior who supervised my legal internship.

I come from a law office where knowledge of criminal law is the foundation of the attorney at law profession. Therefore the majority of cases I deal with is of the criminal law nature.

My law office also focuses on providing legal assistance for individual clients in the field of civil law, including inheritance and for and entrepreneurs in the field of civil law, economic law and penal fiscal law.

During my professional career, I have acted in many cases involving arcade machines games' organisation proceedings. I represented clients in both criminal and administrative courts and in customs office. Working with one of the biggest compensation offices in Poland, I have successfully completed hundreds of compensation claims for damages arising from traffic accidents.

Due to the nature of my profession, I am also involved with family law cases. Divorce cases, which often result in child maintenance and division of joint property proceedings, are a large area of my professional activities. I also deal with cases connected with restriction or deprivation of parental rights, establishment or denial of paternity and child contact proceedings.

The complexity of family law problems is really immense. What is more, together with their personal importance and their sensitive nature, family law cases are often the most challenging ones. Therefore it is crucial to use a professional.

I always try to suggest the most optimal solutions for my clients. For example in family law matters (because of their specific nature and especially when it comes to the welfare of children) very often a greater success is when we manage to successfully mediate between the parties rather than obtain an unenforceable court judgement.

Due to our team specialiing in various areas of law, the range of services provided by my law office is broad and comprehensive.

Justyna Labentowicz

I do solemnly promise to contribute with all my might to protect the rights and freedoms of citizens and strengthen the legal system of Poland. I do promise to fulfill my responsibilities diligently, conscientously and in accordance with the law; be bound by professional confidentiality and my ways be guided by the principles of dignity, integrity, fairness and social justice.

I am working with:

Żaneta KulczyńskaŻaneta Kulczyńska
Wojciech KrzysztoporskiWojciech Krzysztoporski
Wojciech B. KrzysztoporskiWojciech B. Krzysztoporski
Magdalena PodolskaMagdalena Podolska

We are working together as branch offices, supporting each other with our knowledge and experience. As a team we specialize in a variety of legal advice cases, and as a result we provide our clients with the highest possible standard of services.

We provide comprehensive legal assistance for both individual and business clients:

full range
full range
full range
full range

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full range

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full range

The range of our legal services is opened. If you cannot find an area that interests you, please contact with our Law Office.

We benefit from an association with academic lawyers, which allows us to use successfully theoretical knowledge in practice.

Our fees

The amount of fees is fixed on a case-by- case basis in negotiations with the client during the first meeting.

This could include a one off or a regular legal service.

In accordance with Article 16 (1) of Law Act of 26 May 1982 (Dz. U. 2009. 146. 1188) the fees for services provided are based on the agreement with the client. Our clients always have a right to negotiate the type and scope of the services provided together with the fees they will be expected to pay.

In civil cases our fees' negotiations are based on minimal fees that may be found in the Ordinance of the Minister of Justice of 3 October 2016 on advocates' fees and the covering by the State Treasury of the costs of legal assistance provided by court appointed counsel. These minimum fees are as follows (depending on the value in dispute):

– up to PLN 500 - PLN 90
– more than PLN 500 but no more than PLN 1.500 - PLN 270
– more than PLN 1.500 but not more than PLN 5.000 - PLN 900
– more than PLN 5.000 but not more than PLN 10.000 - PLN 1.800
– more than PLN 10.000 but not more than PLN 50.000 - PLN 3.600
– more than PLN 50.000 but not more than PLN 200.000 - PLN 5.400
– more than PLN 200.000 but not more than PLN 2.000.000 - PLN 10.800
– more than PLN 2.000.000 but not more than PLN 5.000.000 - PLN 15.000
– more than PLN 5.000.000 - PLN 25.000

The fees are quoted ex VAT (the present applicable rate is 23%).

When it comes to family and criminal law cases (taking into account their specific nature) our fees are based on the nature of the legal problem, degree of its complexity and the time and effort needed to solve it.

In specific circumstances (client's financial or family situation, the nature of the problem) we are prepared to offer affordable instalments or even agree on a fee that is lower than minimum.

Drawing on our experience we know that taking immediate action makes it easier to defend your own interests. That is why there is no point in delaying consulting us, especially if the consultation fees are between PLN 100 and PLN 500. What is more if the client retains us to represent them in court, consultation fees become part of the main fee.

Go to the full range of our services to find out more information.

We are supporting clients across the country and abroad. We are fluent in English and consequently are able to facilitate your access to our legal system.

Court - appointed counsel

In civil cases

You may qualify for a court-appointed counsel if you cannot afford a private defence lawyer. This help does not depend on earlier exemption from paying court fees.

If you want to apply for a court-appointed counsel you can do it, orally or in writing, with or without the request for exemption from paying court fees in the court that the case is currently being dealt with or will be dealt with in the future.

Your application for a court-appointed counsel needs to be supported with a detailed declaration of your family status, assets and income. When applying, you need to complete a form provided by the Minister of Justice.

If you wish to indicate a specific counsel you want to represent you in court, you may do so. In this case, whenever possible and after the consultation with the indicated counsel, the Regional Bar Association might agree to appoint a counsel of your choice.

Criminal law cases

You may qualify for a court-appointed counsel in the preliminary proceedings when your financial situation is considered to be poor. The Code of Criminal Procedure also enables you to be represented by the court-appointed counsel during the lawsuit without the proof of your financial situation. In this case, however, you will have to pay the costs of the legal assistance offered to you depending on the result of the particular lawsuit.

You may not always have to win the whole lawsuit in order to be exempted from paying the costs of the legal assistance offered to you. For instance, if the accused did not dispute the commitment of the particular offense, but pointed out the circumstances giving his behavior other, milder legal dimension and the court finds him guilty of just such an act, the result of the process is beneficial for the accused despite the conviction. In this case the costs of legal aid should be paid by the Treasury.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, you can demonstrate that paying the costs of the legal assistance would be very difficult because of your family and financial situation and also because of the level of your income. In this case, the court has a reason to exempt you from paying the costs of the legal assisstance and puts the responsibility for it on the Treasury.

When appointing a court-appointed counsel, the court may take into account your suggestions of the particular attorney at law or legal counsel.

If you are interested in a court-appointed counsel from our office, please get in touch with us as soon as possible in order to discuss the possibility of our cooperation.

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