WOJCIECH KRZYSZTOPORSKI, attorney at law with 40 years of professional experience; Vice dean (1989 - 1995) and the Dean (1995 - 2001) of Regional Bar Association in Wroclaw; member of Supreme Bar Association (2001 - 2007).

A Law graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Wroclaw (1967 - 1972).

Between 1972 - 1974 Mr Krzysztoporski served his judge internship finished with an exam in 1974, followed by 3 years of advocate internship. In 1976 he began his professional career in Swidnica. Since 1st January 1980 he has been associated with nr 5 law office in Wroclaw.

During martial law, as a defence lawyer, he acted on behalf of opposition activitists in 18 trials including the University of Wroclaw's strike action organisation. He was also a defence lawyer in the trial of Stanislaw Z., connected with underground "Solidarnosc" movement, accused in so called "bombers' trial" from Lubin, initiator of the anticommunist action against the then existing regime.

Since 1992 he has been successfully running his own law office.

He acts as a defence lawyer in many serious and high profile criminal law cases.

One of his famous cases has become an inspiration behind the criminal novel by Marek Krajewski and Jerzy Kawecki "The Dead Speak Out".

Mr Krzysztoporski is also well known as a civil, family and economic case lawyer.

He is a role model not only for generations of attorneys and associate attorneys at law, who he brought up for well-known and valued lawyers, but also a role model in the court room.

He has always been involved with sport. Between 2001 - 2004 he was the President of Enviroment, Culture, Sport and Tourism Integration Board of the Supreme Bar Association. Currently he is the President of the Attorneys at Law Sport Association. As a Dean he managed to redeem premises at 4 Sadowa Street (where the Regional Bar Association is located) from Wroclaw City Council. At the same time he managed to build a gym in its undergrounds. For 20 years he has been an organizer of Wroclaw's Attorneys at Law Tennis Tournaments "Temida". He organised nationwide attorneys at law tennis tournament four times. He is a keen enthusiast and initiator of November glaciers' expeditions. He is also a member of exclusive Club 50.


50-114 Wroclaw Odrzanska 24-29, room 11
0048 71 343 27 63, 0048 501 417 282
TAX IDENTIFICATION NUMBER: 897-002-83-39, CRO Certificate Number: 930258336
account number (Santander Bank S.A.): 59 1090 2398 0000 0001 3100 4101
IBAN Number: PL 59 1090 2398 0000 0001 3100 4101